Blink is to satellite data acquisition
what the cheetah is to running.

Blink is a CCSDS-compatible software-based satellite data acquisition system.

Blink utilizes the processing power of today's top-of-the-line commercial CPUs and radically reduces costs, improves flexibility and speeds up the ground station evolution. It can bring previously impossible missions to life and make other missions easier to manage, more productive and significantly cheaper to set up.

Have a look at our showcase: an automatic satellite telemetry acquisition system that collects imagery from Meteor M2 weather satellite. Every time Meteor M2 flies over Croatia, we receive and process the signal, prepare valuable reports and extract useful images - all in a Blink of an eye!

Blink is a CCSDS-compatible software-based satellite data acquisition system.
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Main features

  • Software-based

    • Flexible & Adaptable
    • Cost-effective
    • Rapid development
    • Quick & easy deploy
  • High performance

    • Processing speeds up to 1 Gbps on a midrange server
    • Any amount of data
    • Low latency
  • Robust

    • Almost no custom hardware to fail
    • Affordable replacement hardware
    • Shorter outage: hours, not weeks
  • Rich reporting

    • Verbose processing metadata
    • Overal statistics
    • Graphical overview
  • Automation & integration

    • Fully functional command-line mode
    • Java API
  • Standards-based

    • CCSDS, Reed-Solomon, CRC, XML, Viterbi

Main characteristics

  • Monitor & Control

    • Adapter available for the MONICA M&C system.
    • Can integrate with third-party M&C systems
    • Precise live processing progress report updateable at a configurable frequency
  • Technical specifications

    • Command-line tool
    • Service
    • Platform: Java
  • Decoding

    • Convolutional: Viterbi
    • CCSDS compatible Reed-Solomon decoder: RS(255, 223), RS(255, 239)

    • 30+ types of anomalies detected and reported in input stream
    • Can support non-standard checks if required for a mission
  • Input and output

    • No hard limits on the number of parallel input streams or data stream length
    • TCP or disk output

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