Blink is an ultra-fast CCSDS-compatible software satellite data acquisition system.

Blink levers all the processing power that today's top of the line off-the-shelf central processing units have to offer, in order to radically reduce cost, improve flexibility and speed up the system evolution at the ground station.

Blink will help previously impossible missions come to life and will make other missions easier to manage, more productive and significantly cheaper to set up.

With today’s CPU increasing powers, parallel processing options and continuously decreasing costs; the time has come when you can finally replace expensive and high-maintenance hardware data acquisition systems with software-based data acquisition systems that have so many advantages over their HW counterparts:

  • You can tailor and scale your server hardware and computing power according to your specific environment and growth plan
  • You can use open-source server software, so no additional licenses are needed
  • Installations are much faster and cheaper - measured in hours, not weeks or months and can be executed remotely
  • The same works for maintenance and support – issues can be resolved within minutes!
  • Software upgrades are much more flexible, faster and cost-effective
  • Highly-availability – with software-based data acquisition system there are so much more HA options for a fraction of the cost
  • Easy automation and integration with existing software systems

Blink Position in Satellite Data Processing Chain

Blink comes in three options, tailored to your needs and requirements

  • Blink software

    Full software library for ultra-fast CCSDS telemetry analysis. Command line tool includes data reception troubleshooting during all phases of the mission life cycle, including ad hoc, extremely fast header analysis, data extraction, conversion and report generation.

  • Blink device

    Blink software integrated with a high data rate SDR (Software Defined Radio) demodulator provides a stand-alone EO telemetry analyzer as a part of your ground data acquisition station.

  • Blink station

    Blink Device completely integrated with MONICA or a third-party monitoring & controlling solution; a full-fledged ground station data acquisition control.

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