In general

  • Java-based: easy to build on, runs on anything
  • TCP or disk input and output
  • Multi-purpose command-line utility to work with mission data
  • Easy to install and operate
In general

Power Speed

  • Processing speeds of over 1 Gbps on a mid-range COTS server
  • Supports an arbitrary number of parallel channels
  • No hard limits on the number of parallel input streams or data stream length
Power Speed



  • 30+ types of anomalies detected and reported in input stream
  • Can support non-standard checks if required for a mission

Supports a number of processing algorithms, including:

  • Deconvolution (Viterbi)
  • Descrambling
  • Sync marker detection
  • Reed-Solomon: RS(255, 223), RS(255, 239) and CRC error checks
  • VCID/APID de-multiplexing
  • Fine-grained stream validation

Rich, precise reports, including live progress report (updated at a configurable frequency).


Integration and mission support

  • Supported missions: Sentinel 1, 2, 3 and 5p, Meteor-M 1and N2, easily extensible to other missions
  • Can integrate with any standards-compliant demodulator
  • Available adapter for the MONICA M&C system, prepared for integration with other M&C systems
  • Image extraction and correction
Integration and mission support

To be added in future releases

  • Image correction and analyses
  • Support for DVB-S2
  • Demodulation
  • Encryption
To be added in future releases

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