Elixir - a great way to develop an application as microservices

Posted by Mislav Ćosić on Thursday, Aug 31, 2017
Source: https://hub.codebeat.co/v1.0/blog/elixir-support-beta

Almost all of the today's software development is going toward microservices. It is ultimate goal or at least distant desirable destination to be reached once in the future for many software solutions. Why is that and what options do we have?

Integrating Firebase SDK Authorization with Angular

Posted by Slaven Tomac on Friday, Jul 28, 2017
Angular + Firebase (Source: Angular (https://angular.io/) official logo + Firebase (https://firebase.google.com/) official logo)

In this tutorial, I will show you how to set up your Firebase database and Angular services to easily get you going with authorization process of your application.

Amphinicy at ESAW 2017

Posted by Antonio Grudiček on Monday, Jul 17, 2017
source: ESAW 2017 official web page (screenshot)

European Space Agency (ESA) hosted the 6th European Ground System Architecture Workshop (ESAW 2017) at the European Space Operations Centre in Darmstadt, Germany, 20-21 June 2017. ESAW provided an international forum for the exchange of ideas, results, new trends and practices in the ground segment for space missions.

Job Fair 2017 - review

Posted by Mihaela Pavičić on Thursday, Jun 01, 2017
Amphinicy team

We remember last year's Job Fair which was our first time there. A year went by so fast and we were already making plans and preparing everything for our second round of meeting students and our new potential employees. We planned and wanted to present Amphinicy even better because we believe we have so much to offer to those who are in search of a great employer, interesting projects and a good working atmosphere.

Receiving Weather Satellite Images

Posted by Tihomir Meščić on Tuesday, Mar 07, 2017
Adriatic, as seen from the Meteor M2 satellite

This is a story about how we built a mini satellite ground station for less than $30, and how we use it to record images from the Russian weather satellite Meteor-M N2 every day. Latest images are uploaded daily to http://meteor.amphinicy.com

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