Games for (Non)Geeks

Posted by Šadi El Assadi on Monday, Feb 22, 2016

Monopoly and Risk - as much as I hate using those two as an example of popular board games, it's a fact that most people have at least heard of them, if not played a game or two. Why do I hate (using) them, you may ask?! It’s simply because there are so many better board games out there, but they are just not that well known. Unless you are a gamer, or a geek ... or both.

Functional Programming

Posted by Marko Previšić on Thursday, Feb 11, 2016

Although being a programming paradigm that already exists for decades and which is adored by many computer scientists, outside of the academic world, there are pretty few software engineers who care about functional programming.

So, why, one might ask, should I care about functional programming?

2015 Overview from My Perspective

Posted by Frane Miloš on Tuesday, Jan 26, 2016

Wow, 2016 is already here!

It is time to wish you all the best in new year - a lot of private joy, and business prosperity! It is also a time where one shall take a look behind and draw a bottom line of the previous year! And, after running through my 2015 calendar, I can only tell you - Wow, what an awesome year that was!

HTTP/2 - Design and Goals

Posted by Antonio Grudiček on Thursday, Jan 14, 2016 behera

One of the main reasons why the HTTP protocol was originally adopted and its usage grows is its simplicity. Nevertheless, the web experienced many changes in the last more than twenty years. Today, almost every device is connected to the Internet and uses HTTP as its main communication protocol.

Bringing Wireless Internet Over a Satellite

Posted by Mario Ogrizek-Tomas on Monday, Jan 04, 2016
Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship

O3b Networks is a space Internet startup whose main goal is providing high-speed Internet to remote and inaccessible locations by satellites. Amphinicy Technologies are collaborating with O3b on one of their latest projects focused on providing internet service to cruise ships in the Caribbean.

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