September Mix of Amsterdam, IBC and HD (Earth) Observation

Posted by Irena Kos on Wednesday, Oct 19, 2016
Earthrise (1968)

Busy as IBC

IBC (ex International Broadcasting Convention) in Amsterdam is one of the largest annual events in the region: an exhibition and conference for professionals in media, broadcasting and accompanying business. All the exhibitors, conference speakers and visitors span a multitude of categories. There were content creators, equipment manufacturers, business professionals and technical associations; and all other participants that may somehow be connected to the broadcasting industry. 

Space Debris - A (Horror) Story

Posted by Tihomir Meščić on Monday, Nov 09, 2015
Space debris (Credit: ESA)

When you think about the orbit above Earth's atmosphere, you think of an empty space. But the truth is, we have been polluting it for more than half a century, and what lies above could one day make space travel impossible.

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