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Posted by Slaven Tomac Tuesday, Oct 06, 2015
Amphinicy @ WebCamp

This year Amphinicy was one of the proud support sponsors of WebCamp Zagreb. And again, as last year, a lot of our developers/designers were interested in attending the conference. So we went :).

Two of our employees also helped the organization of the conference, we are very proud of them.

Besides hanging with great people at the conference, we visited a lot of interesting talks. Two key notes were given this year. On saturday, Bob Ippolito was talking about Functional programming. He mentioned a few differences between imperative and functional programming, elaborating with pros and cons of each. In my opinion, why I would go with functional programmin - speed of code execution (though, not a big fan of the syntax there, though :)). On the next day, Jaime Levy gave very interesting talk about what UX Strategy really is and which interesting things she did during her career (Billy Idol floppy disk :) and Oprah page :) are jobs which I remembered the most).

This year, there was not a specific subject which I would say : “OK, this is what is coming in next year, let’s focus on that” (remember Web Components from WebCamp 2014.?) so I can’t really decide which topic I should really point out. So my (very subjective) opinion is, let’s wait for HTTP2. There was one talk dedicated to it, it was from Zdeslav Vojković. Few of the server providers already support it, but also, there are few of them which are suspicious about it and will support it once they see it gets some traction (who will be right here?).

The one thing that surprised me was that there wasn’t a single talk about ECMA Script 2015 (ECMA Script 6). It’s officially out for a few months and it brings a lot of new, great (built-in) features. Speakers Darko Kukovec and Krešimir Antolić mentioned them (Promises (yeah, I know you could use them before, but hey, they are built-in now :)) and that’s it, no bigger talk about it. Is it because engineers aren’t fans of ES2015 or is it something else?

The best slide of the year? I think it’s a bit played on sentimental part :), but it was part of Lucijan Blagonić’s talk Modular and Bulletproof User Interfaces  where he talked about how to (how his company is doing) work with designing/wireframing. Oh yeah, here is the picture:

I think I’ll play Monkey Island again this weekend :).

If we put aside the professional part of the conference (talks), WebCamp organization nailed it this year as well. As always, all-you-can-drink coffee (and I really needed it this weekend :)), snacks, juices, fresh fruit… Excellent all-you-can-eat lunch and most important, all-you-can-drink :) drinkup with some excellent beers from Zagreb’s local brewery which had their bar there up until 1-2AM (who would know :)).

We’ve met a lot of great engineers (better to say, people) from other companies, shared our experience with them and learned a lot.

Each year I meet a lot of foreign developers during my business trip and each year I’m promoting WebCamp as the best conference I’ve visited (a few of them already visited the conference and even gave talks on it) so after this year I will definitely continue with this practice :). See ya all next year!

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