Amphinicy Technologies is delivering
software solutions to the satellite industry
for more than 15 years.

And we’ve noticed something – lots of these solutions require some sort of monitoring and controlling. So here it is – generic monitor and control framework.

Use it as an out-of-the-box solution or as a framework for building tailored complex systems.

It's up to you!

Target Market

Are you a teleport operator? Or operating a ground station? Do you need to configure your SNG vehicle to a proper satellite channel and monitor the transmission?

Out-of-the-box MONICA is the right solution for you!

Do you need a specific functionality on your ground station? Like scheduled locking to specific satellite? Or configuring equipment to acquire and analyze complex telemetry data? Maybe do the remote synchronization of more ground stations? Or integrate them into centralized M&C system? Maybe you want your M&C system to be closer to a typical NMS system?

MONICA as a framework is the solution for you.

Our support

No matter if you use out-of-the-box MONICA or MONICA as a framework, you will get support of our highly experienced engineers with a great expertize in M&C domain.

You will soon see how easy it becomes to build a tailored, complex solution based on MONICA framework.


The main drivers we had in mind while building MONICA is that it has to be:


using standardized and open protocols


all features are implemented as modules, following SOA principles


standardization and modularization make integration extremely easy


great performance no matter if 10 or 1000 instruments are monitored

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