Happy 21st birthday Amphinicy!

Thursday, Apr 30, 2020
Happy birthday_Amphinicy

This week I have turned 21 and I can say that I am officially an adult! 

But years are just numbers. Looking back, I can say, until now, I have had an interesting upbringing and I am proud of all the achievements of my team! It has been a truly amazing ride and I am brave to say that there are more good times ahead of us.

In the first years, I was small, it felt almost like a family business. My team had a vision for me to become the best software company in the satellite industry, so we worked on every project like it was our most important one. I have witnessed us growing from small, few people-office to a respectable organization and a leader in the satellite software industry. As the business was growing, we as the company were growing, and to this day, we are still working on every project like it is the most important one.

Tied to the satellite world since the beginning, me and my team have witnessed both transfers from analogue to digital television and early development of interactive television, OTT and satellite internet. In this period, we had the pleasure to work on interesting and pioneering technologies, collaborate with many satellite operators, equipment manufacturers and service providers and to meet many interesting and inspiring people. Growing up was lively, intense and fun. 😊

We grew from an engineering workshop to a fully managed office, from a men-only to a gender-balanced company, from a modest local business to an internationally recognized service provider, from a typical body shop to a product and service orientation, from a quick-and-dirty development to ISO 9001 certified operations. These are just some transformations, but I can assure you there were many more.

As we grew with our clients, we moved to a bigger office. Then to an even bigger one. For such a great team one city became too small and this allowed us to have remote locations within Croatia as well as another full office in Luxembourg, which is, with its thriving space industry, successfully becoming the centre of the European space industry.

In the growing process, we have updated our visual identity and made a bold statement that nothing is impossible. This statement is still something that describes us the best.

Satellite world has always been adapting to change and there is always something new going on, new technology and a new challenge. Current time is not any different, and with every new event that happens, there are new interesting opportunities for all of us in the industry. The following is something we have learned to be the pillars of our growth:

Team - we are privileged to have each other, never hesitate to help and share ups and downs

Knowledge - there is a great deal of knowledge we can share when it comes to satellite domain, programing, development and testing

Innovation - finding opportunities, discovering motivation, challenging ourselves and executing above the expectations

Client-focused - flexibility in business and availability that provides delivery on time with proven quality

Tooling - every team can choose adequate tools that are the best for their project

In all these years, we never lost focus from important things: give the best we can and give our small part to the satellite word.

We are now almost 60 altogether. We have nurtured long partnerships with world-renowned names in the space industry but have also been pushing hard for years developing our own products that are now starting to bring fruits. Our ideas have received significant acclamations from industry partners and funding committees, and we have pushed the limits of the global state of the art. We have worked hard to apply and have received resources from different funding programs. In that, we are being always open to share best practices with future applicants and the community. Credits to the success go to the best team that continuously delivers technical innovations. Sometimes we may be quiet, modest and even too big critics of ourselves, but deep in our hearts, we are real engineers, serious and focused from the moment when acts are more important than words. Despite that, we are proud of being a pioneer and the ambassador of the space industry in Croatia.

The utmost importance is not on fast growth – it is on keeping the company spirit and values we nurture as a team. We stayed open to each other, we learned how to efficiently function as a group, we do not make decisions top-down, we talk, we discuss, and we deliver great systems together. We have been developing something we call the Amphinicy spirit; work environment that is pleasant, flexible and motivating, with growth opportunity, but also a place where we can relax, enjoy free time and make friends.

I have welcomed many who started as inexperienced students but despite their baby steps gave them a chance to grow and work in a sort of a hub with a lot of different personalities. A warm welcome and continuous, helpful ear and brain from each one member of the team, while juggling gazillions of new terms and facts made us all feel we were a part of the team from day one. Healthy internal organization, open communication culture, flexibility and a continuous drive for improvement made a fruitful ground for a lot of us to stay motivated and focused.

Some of us have become great friends who have a really great time together outside work. Amphinicy spirit is still in the air and we will continue keeping that way in decades to come. Respect between colleagues, hard and smart work, even in times like this, when not physically working one next to another, continuing to help each other. It is what makes us strong.

I am grateful for the opportunity to work with this amazing team and to work on the projects and innovations that inspire and challenge my inner, endlessly curious, engineer. I am grateful for all the opportunities for personal development and the fun times we spent and continue to spend together: at meetings, morning coffees, business travels, lunchtimes, extra hours and lively team buildings. In my young and vibrant life, I have travelled to other continents, countries and cities. I can proudly say I have seen the world and have presented myself, my team, our products, services and expertise all over the world!

Future brings us more interesting technologies that me and my team will jump on. In pursuing our goal to be the world’s leading software provider for companies operating in the satellite industry, it brings us more exciting challenges to solve, more great people to know and to work with. Opportunities await around every corner and we are ready to find them!

Now that the world around is changing, we continue to push vigorously forward, trying harder to do our best - focused, driven and capable. Clearly a challenging thing to do, but if we manage to keep it up, we may well be sowing the seeds that will make the company unrecognizable in the decade that follows.

So, happy 21st birthday Amphinicy, I wish us a lot of success! We have received satellite data that promises a bright future!

Next stop? The final frontier! 😊