C# Software Developer (m/f) - Luxembourg

We are looking for a passionate and talented C# Software Developer (m/f) with experience in C# development.

Obzor 2020. Informativni dan za područje Svemir

U okviru programa Obzor 2020., u četvrtak 6. rujna u Ministarstvu znanosti i obrazovanja održati će se Informativni dan za područje Svemir

Software Architect (m/f) - Luxembourg

We are looking for an experienced Software Architect (m/f) to contribute to Mission Operation solutions for leading European space missions. We are already involved in two such missions and this is a great way to start your career in the space industry.  

Front-end Developer (m/f) - Luxembourg

We are looking for passionate and talented Front-end developers (m/f) with experience in front-end development.

Join our office and find out how it is to work with the world's top professionals from the hi-tech satellite industry, in the company that recently received funds from the Horizon 2020 programme SME Instrument Phase 2.

Croatian Space Report 2017 – The Foundations

Amphinicy has been delivering complex software solutions and products to the global satellite market for almost two decades. Yet Croatia is at its beginnings in the terms of space activities. And these are good news!

Amphinicy Is Looking for a Ground Control Engineer

Do you want to become a "space developer" and work for one of the leading companies in the production of software for the satellite industry? Are you analytical, pragmatic, good communicator, team player and a fast learner?

Working at Amphinicy - a Short Overview

If you are reading this blog post, it is safe to say you are at least a bit interested in Amphinicy. Our webpage and our social media profiles offer enough information about what we do and what kind of projects we work on. However, if you still didn’t get an answer to a question about what it is like to spend time at Amphinicy, read on and find out more!

2014 Achievements

It is the beginning of a new year, making it a perfect time to look back at 2014. So, here’s Amphinicy's overview of 2014 from our COO, Frane Miloš.

Our Luxembourg Colleagues Shared Their Knowledge

Last week, our colleagues from Luxembourg, paid us a visit and held a couple of lectures. The lectures were all very interesting, we learned a lot and were very pleased to share the experiences between the two offices. So, here's what we learned.

Job Fair 2017 - review

We remember last year's Job Fair which was our first time there. A year went by so fast and we were already making plans and preparing everything for our second round of meeting students and our new potential employees. We planned and wanted to present Amphinicy even better because we believe we have so much to offer to those who are in search of a great employer, interesting projects and a good working atmosphere.


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