• 1. Publishers

    Publishers prepare and upload the digital content (documents, video, audio) with metadata to the TRIDOTS platform.

  • 2. Content

    The content is served from the platform according to DRM policy and access type (free, paid, loan...) with special optimisation for satellite links.

  • 3. Customers

    Customers search, buy and download the content from the TRIDOTS platform. The Publishers get full reports on content distribution.

Keep the content distribution easy!

The TRIDOTS digital content distribution platform provides a complete set of features to bring digital content from publishers to end users.
Our flexible and scalable system architecture ensures easy customizations and integration in existing infrastructure. A plugin-based content supports any digital content, such as video and audio, digital imagery or even electronic books.
We are driving our platform to be a perfect solution for contribution and distribution over satellite networks. Integrate TRIDOTS with your satellite workflow, and experience the benefits it brings!

  • 1. Flexible

    • Enterprise Architecture
    • Great Performance
    • Tailored to your demands
  • 2. Modular

    • Content Management
    • Shopping Management
    • Billing & Reporting
    • Pluggable Architecture
  • 3. Easily integrated

    • DRM Independent
    • Content Independent
    • REST Interfaces

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