May, oh May....

Tuesday, May 31, 2022 - Posted by Monika GRUENWALD
May landscape

The month of May has been speeding past, with a lot of holidays for a lot of us, and with the first days of Real Summer Feeling. Everything's in full bloom and nature feels lush and green. Of course, still some things have happened throughout the month, so let's take a look.

A phrase to think about is this one: "A day without space would be a catastrophe for the world markets." I find this remarkable. Have you ever thought about what all these satellites out there do in your daily routines? From surveying, teaching, to telemedicine, and all of this is only possible because you have a reliable network out there, and of course, people who take care that all of this works as it should. Meanwhile, universities have started to target this field by offering education programmes around the globe targeting executive positions, and also to evaluate the power and impact of a healthy ecosystem. And it's not only the global view, or the full frame - there are technical staff out there who make all this possible (we, too!) - a spacey life? Talk to us. Or better even, join us! We'd like to hear from you.

View from the sky
Image: @NASA | Unsplash

In this hi-tech context as well: would you like to be a volunteer for the ESA? ESA has a huge project, analyzing high-res photos that were taken during the course of time by space module Rosetta, of comet 67P/Tchurjumow-Gerassimenko. The aim of this project is to identify changes that have occurred on the comet surface over time. On their dedicated website, there's an easy way to compare and mark differences in the pictures, similar to your favorite Sunday newspaper riddle. So, give yourself a push if you don't know what to do one evening in front of your computer - you will certainly help change the history of the Solar System.

Comet over Oregon
Image: Justin W @jayphoto | Unsplash

Happy Birthday, ScroogeMc Duck! The greedy duck uncle has been accompanying us for seventy-five years now, teaching us the meaning of saving, stock markets and wealth by adventure. His name relates to Charles Dickens' Christmas Carol novella who provided the prototype for the head of the Duck universe. And remember, there's always another rainbow!
Meanwhile, his nerdy follower and engineer, and of course most genious inventor, Gryo Gearloose ("Izumitelij Mudrić" to our Croatian colleagues), turns 70, so another happy birthday here. His popularity stems from inventions always lacking one important feature...

Scrooge McDuck
Image: @Disney

Another birthday we should celebrate is 55 years of Star Trek - conceived in 1972, this series became soon famous and was the epitome of diversity. Scientists in all shades of skin tones, an extraterrestrial with pointed ears and perfect brain, all traveling through space, the final frontier.

Leonard Nimoy / William Shatner
Image: public domain

With the sun out, there's also time for your favorite read on the balcony. So meet Elizabeth Zott, a chemistry scientist and rowing athlete against her will, living in the 60s. She's on strange terms with the world in general for being 'so strange' but gains sudden popularity with her very unusual and of course, scientific, cooking show. Yes, there are people defining anything through chemical tables, and who talk to their dog believing it understands... "Bonnie Garmus: "Chemistry Lessons". Highly recommendable, and with a good sense of scientific humour.

Kid scientist
Image: Clint Patterson | Unsplash

And now, let's glide smoothly into the next month. And remember, there are people out there who cannot enjoy these times as much as we can and shouldn't be forgotten. #standwithukraine