3D TV User Interfaces

Are you disappointed by the lack of 3DTV content? Are you annoyed by the fact that you have to take your 3D glasses off to browse your EPG? So were we – until we developed our interactive 3DTV platform. It lets you immerse into 3D and makes sure you stay that way.

3D iTV is all about 3DTV experience. Every single part of the GUI was developed for 3DTV. We adapted some open-source games for 3DTV and even created our very own 3D electronic programming guide! 3D iTV may knock your socks off, but it will sure leave your 3D glasses on!

The 3D EPG – Pure Eye Candy

You bought a 3DTV. A friend of yours comes over and says “OK. Show me some 3D!” So you show them a scene from a 3D movie. Unimpressed, your friend just comments “I thought stuff would be coming out of the screen more.”

When designing our EPG, we bore this very comment in our minds. The 3D EPG is designed for viewing in 3D. It provides a true popping-out impression and it boasts nifty transition animations paired with a natural browsing layout controlled by intuitive gestures on your Android device.