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Amphinicy Technologies is the world’s leading software

provider for companies operating in the satellite industry


Our engineers provide all-round support for satellite operators, equipment manufacturers, teleports, and multimedia and broadband service providers. We consult our customers, collect the requirements, design the system and develop the final solution.


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Amphinicy Technologies

is the real turn-key solution provider!



What makes us different from other software companies is that we provide software solutions and support exclusively for the satellite industry! Having a clear focus and understanding the industry makes us extremely fast in getting started on projects! This is our true competitive advantage and this is exactly why we deliver software that understands the satellite industry.


We pride ourselves on high quality engineers and long lasting experience in the Satellite domain. In two words, Amphinicy Technologies would sound like: Partnership and Reliability.


We always work with our customers as partners. Why partnership? Well, we like to say we follow the 3DS model: define, develop, deliver and support. Support is important! It requires getting along and being flexible even after delivery. So here we are – helping you with the evolution of the system! Evolution and first-class support often lead to the next project. And that’s how it comes to beginning of a beautiful partnership.

Why reliability? We’ve been on the market for more than two decades. In this time we have developed and delivered over 100 international projects to the leading companies of the satellite industry; such as top satellite operators (SES, O3b), equipment vendors (Newtec, iDirect, ND SatCom, Antwerp Space), teleports (Redu Space Station) and agencies (ESA, DLR, UNHCR, IOM). Our focused expertise, partnering collaboration and adherence to the highest standards make us a reliable, go-to vendor of software solutions for the satellite industry.


Amphinicy Technologies is the world’s leading software provider for companies operating in the satellite industry.


We provide all-round support - consulting you, help you in defining your requirements, designing the system, developing the final solution and supporting you afterwards.




Be a leading software company in the satellite industry and at the same time a company where people like to work.



From its establishment, Amphinicy Technologies has been a part of the satellite world. With its excellent and highly fitted software solutions, it has the task of following and boosting the satellite industry evolution. The way to succeed in its mission is to build it on the pillars of knowledge, expertise and quality. We value our company culture, our highly competent and carefully chosen people, and effective processes and organization. This is what makes us leading.


BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)


In 10 years, Amphinicy shall be the #1 company in providing software solutions for satellite industry, and in the top 10% of the most wanted employers in the region.