Monday, Mar 21, 2022
Satshow 2022

Spring is starting today, and so is the Satellite 2022 in Washington. Our booth at the #satshow will be open very soon, and we look forward to discuss our range of tools with you.

Monday, Feb 28, 2022
Crocuses as the messengers of spring

Oh, it's February! Snowbells and crocuses - the messengers of spring - are poking out of the garden, and the world starts to become a bit brighter (well, at least in nature.

Thursday, Jan 27, 2022
January chill

Yay! It's January! A new year has started, and this silly virus is taking the world by storm. Will we ever get out of this? But let's stay optimistic, and instead see what has happened during this month.

Wednesday, Dec 22, 2021
December morning

The year 2021 is slowly coming to an end. Yes, we've mastered the big ups and downs, the lock-down times, the confinement and the isolation.

Thursday, Dec 02, 2021

What? November is already over? Only three weeks to Christmas? Time for a blog!