Monday, Aug 07, 2023
Card games

As you know, our team members are intelligent and dedicated software engineers.

Wednesday, Jul 19, 2023
Hrvoje and Bo

Every now and then, we introduce a member of the Amphinicy team to you, so you will more easily understand what we are doing. We think this is important, and whether you’re a future employee or a business partner, you may benefit from this view on our daily work.

Wednesday, Jun 07, 2023

A fascinating conference, organized by ESA, and we're participating. We're also taking advantage of spending some time in the beautiful Italian city of Matera when we're not working. Many things to learn about at the meeting venue, many things to see outside.

Wednesday, May 10, 2023
Sadi El Assadi

This blog has now been running for a while, and I really like it (albeit it seems that you do, too…) Every month, we are presenting a member of the Amphinicy team, so you will more easily understand what we do.

Monday, Mar 13, 2023
Blink at Satshow2023

Blink is Amphinicy Technologies' wideband, pure-software satellite modem, the only software modem supporting carriers up to a 1.250 MHz width on a single server!