Amphinicy Technologies at IAC 2024 in Milan

Tuesday, Jul 09, 2024
Amphinicy Technologies at IAC 2024 in Milan

Amphinicy Technologies is delighted to announce our participation in the 75th International Astronautical Congress (IAC 2024). IAC 2024 will take place from October 14-18, at the MICO Convention Centre, the largest conference facility in Europe, located in Milan, Italy.

Each year, the IAC brings together over 6,000 leading experts and enthusiasts from the global space community to discuss the latest advancements and future directions in space exploration. This year the conference will be held in Italy, a pioneer in space exploration and services, under the theme “Responsible Space for Sustainability”.

Sustainability is a core value for us, and we are excited to contribute to the Technical Program with our conference paper titled "BLINK SOFTWARE SATELLITE MODEM: EXCEEDING 10 GB/S CONTINUOUS THROUGHPUT". Our Product Manager, Tomislav Nakić-Alfirević, will talk about practical use of software modems in space-to-ground satellite communications, touching upon both payload reception and TT&C, as well as potential for improvements in satellite ground operations.

Recent advances in software architectures and server hardware have significantly enhanced the performance of software modems. For example, the Blink software modem, a product by Amphinicy Technologies, achieved signal reception at a continuous throughput exceeding 10 Gb/s (a DVB-S2 32APSK carrier almost 3 GHz wide) on a single server.

More information will be provided at our oral presentation scheduled in the Symposium B2: IAF SPACE COMMUNICATIONS AND NAVIGATION  in the Session 3. Advanced Higher Throughput Communications for GEO and LEO Satellites, on the third day of the congress, 16 October, 2024 from 3:52 PM. Tomislav will be available to answer questions after the session. Feel free to reach out and connect.

For more details, visit the congress website. We look forward to connecting with you at the IAC 2024 in Milan! To schedule an appointment in advance, feel free to contact us.