Chris De Jong joins Amphinicy Luxembourg

Monday, Mar 18, 2024
Chris De Jong

We like to welcome Chris de Jong, who has joined the Luxembourg team as Fullstack Software Engineer, and he will strengthen our team working on SatCom projects.

Chris holds a B.Sc. in Aerospace Engineering and a M.Sc. in Control and Operations from the University of Delft. At that time, he had been involved in constructing wind tunnels or flight controllers for Micro Air Vehicles, all of which had a strong impact on his passion for development. Chris is also the first 'real' Luxembourger in our team. 

Since his graduation, he has acquired experience in development, in particular with the creation of web solutions. He loves solving problems and has created a real estate portal to prove that he can just do it, he tinkers with electronics and 3D printers and knows how to renovate a house. If he then finds time in between, he goes running and exercising, meets friends, or just goes for the odd round of Dungeons and Dragons. 

This said, we're happy to have you here with us, Chris, and we'll imagine that you add a bit of colourful new ways of thinking to our team!