Wednesday, Mar 06, 2024
Satellite 2024 teaser

It's Spring again, and yes, do we have news for you! We'll be at Satellite 2024 Conference and Exhibition #SatShow soon, so you may want get in touch with us and reserve your appointment already. 

Wednesday, Feb 28, 2024
Open Day at Amphinicy Luxembourg

Let's take a look at the Luxembourg office today! If you ever wanted to know what a day looks like, here we go - we've had an Open Day arranged by the Luxembourg Space Agency a short while back (and who did all the work behind the scenes to provide us with this memory).

Thursday, Dec 14, 2023
Season's greetings

It's the time of the year when we all rush, hasten and flit between year-end closures, holiday preparations and shopping lists, when everything and everyone seems to be filled with stress, and adrenaline, and with too little time on their hands. Moreover, outside it's cold, dark and grey. 

Thursday, Nov 16, 2023
Satellite in space. Image courtesy of NASA

Bremen (DE) hosts #SpaceTechEurope currently, and we're also visiting with some of our Amphinicy staff from our Zagreb office. Tomislav (our Solutions Architect) and Marjan (our Technical Presales) are taking the chance to mingle, interact, take a look at new things and fresh ideas.

Monday, Aug 07, 2023
Card games

As you know, our team members are intelligent and dedicated software engineers.