Monday, Jan 23, 2023
Antonio Orenda

Every month, we are presenting a member of the Amphinicy team, so you will more easily understand what we are doing. We think this is important, and whether you’re a future employee or a business partner, you may benefit from this view on our daily work.

Monday, Nov 28, 2022
The team at the event

Today, the 9th ESA TT&C International Workshop has started in Noordwijk/NL.

Tuesday, Nov 08, 2022
Mirta Medanic

We’re currently revising our blog a little bit – about every month now, you should learn about someone on the Amphinicy team, so you understand what we are doing.

Thursday, Sep 29, 2022
Image: Ken Shono@unsplash | vineyards

Another month has gone by. It's the season of viticulture, of days being shorter and also much colder very rapidly... Most of all, it's the season of getting back into conference life after the summer - all in all, a busy and exciting month.

Wednesday, Aug 31, 2022
room with a view

The halcyon days are slowly reaching their end, and finally, eventually, slowly, a breath of air comes back. What a relief this is! We have been able to draw energy from the sun, power up and come back full of energy.