IAC 2020 – 71 years of International Astronautical Congress

IAC 2020

From 12-14 October, the International Astronautical Congress is celebrating its 71 years, and Amphinicy Technologies congratulates the IAC on its history and continuity, which reunites parties from a variety of sectors: industry, associations and institutes, science, research and even museums. 

Amphinicy Technologies is a leading provider of complex software solutions and innovative software products for the satellite industry from Zagreb and Luxembourg. We have been supporting the space industry for 21 years and are developing solutions for satellite operators and service providers, space agencies, equipment manufacturers and humanitarian agencies. Our two flagship products are:  

MONICA, a state-of-the-art ground station monitor and control solution, built primarily for the satellite industry. It provides a complete solution for monitoring and control of any type of instrument, be it a software module or a physical device. It is already in use in some of European flagship space missions and is ready to host new systems. MONICA is robust, secure and reliable, demonstrates high performance and is scalable to any required customer service size. 

Blink, an innovative, software-based, extremely fast high-data-rate modem. Being a high-performance, flexible and affordable solution, Blink can bring benefits especially to Earth observation and science missions which collect terabytes of remote sensing data and Earth imagery every day. Blink has been proven in an operable environment and is acknowledged as an innovative project by the European Commission's Horizon 2020 SME Instrument programme. 

Owed to the current worldwide situation, Amphinicy Technologies is staying at home and staying connected. In this Cyberspace Edition 2020 we all will be virtual. Our team will be happy to connect with you nevertheless – feel free to reach out!