Alvaro Veizaga joins the Amphinicy Luxembourg team as Senior QA

Thursday, Jul 06, 2023
Alvaro Veizaga Campos

Join us in welcoming Alvaro, who has recently joined the Amphinicy Luxembourg team as Senior Quality Assurance Engineer. Coming from the lofty heights of South America, Alvaro decided to do his major studies in Germany (his Masters in Computer Science) and in Luxembourg (his PhD in Natural Language Processing and Test Automation). He kept working as a postdoctoral researcher before joining our team, where his vast knowledge will certainly be an asset to contributing to our projects.

When he's not up to his knees into work, he likes to move his legs differently instead and loves exploring the world on his mountain bike or on foot, crossing hills and forests.

Welcome to our team, Alvaro - we are happy that you have found us!