Brace yourself, Monica is a V6 now!

Monday, Jan 24, 2022
Monica v6 is out!

Amphinicy Technologies announces the release of Monica M&C 6.0 with bug fixes and new enhancements.

monika v6

We continued work on accelerating and improving existing features to show how easy it is to monitor and control complete systems.

We have improved dashboards with updated widgets that allow flexible system management and a more detailed status overview.

In version 5.1, we quietly added a schema editor, collected the experiences and comments of our users, and prepared improvements for MNC6. We have expanded the set of existing shapes that can be added to the schema and improved it with functionalities that make even richer and more flexible mimics possible.

We are proud of the path highlighting which allows easy visualization of related components, service status, and information flow, in addition to being fully customizable.

Based on the DRY principle, we added mapped schemas functionality. The schema is made once and is used multiple times for other similar systems. 

Following the inline driver editor that was added in version 5.2, it is now possible to one-click-apply across all related configurations.

Instruments have been expanded with better support for bulk data types such as JSON or even SNMP tables: now it's easy to define the initial parameter and every other will automagically be ready to use.

Virtual parameters are now available on instruments - parameters that are calculated based on real parameter values.

Instruments groups have been modified to be more robust and capable: with virtual parameters, it is possible to combine several different instruments into one virtual one and perform advanced calculations in a simple way. 

We have paid more attention to the scheduler component which is now clearer, more detailed, and easier to use.

Our high availability mode has been expanded to Postgres/TimescaleDB database as well, which makes the high available solution complete.

This is just a short introduction of changes, for more details contact your Monica sales representative for Monica 6 demo and additional specifications, or simply contact us - our team is happy to support your project and provide more information.

Path highlighting is supported out-of-box with smart rule-based configuration

Path highlighting is supported out-of-box with smart rule-based configuration.

monica v6 (2)

Monica dashboard is also used as user interface for our Blink modem.

monica v6 (6)

Using "Schema Editor" it's easy to monitor and control any system using flexible mimics.

monica v6 (3)

Flexible overview of instrument groups created in "Schema Editor".

monica v6 (5)

By using inline driver editor anybody can make changes to device driver and apply modification to running instrument.