First ESA call for proposals in Croatia

Wednesday, Dec 09, 2020

The Amphinicy team has always been a strong promoter, as well as an ambassador, of the space industry. Strong collaboration with ESA has particularly been fostered - if you're interested, have a look into this film. The Croatian Space Report, which we had mentioned in our blog quite some time ago already, has also been a strong determinator in this history.

Now, the first national ESA Info Day was held some days ago, on 30 November, albeit in an online format due to the Covid crisis. Nevertheless, the first national Invitation for Tender has now been announced for this December. This tender is exclusively targeted to Croatian legal entities - including SME - as well as academic and research organizations, and with a maximum budget of 850 kEUR. We have linked a PDF download to this blog, which offers you more insight and interesting facts to back up the story.
We are very excited to learn about this - it's fantastic news, and we are looking forward to the new challenges that this event may lead to.

(Image credits: ESA)