Two grants awarded by the European Defense Fund 2021 for two new projects

Wednesday, Feb 01, 2023
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February 6, 2023 -  Zagreb and Luxembourg

1. European Protected Waveform (EPW)

Zagreb Office - We are pleased to announce that Amphinicy Technologies, with its consortium partners from 12 EU countries, has been awarded grants from the European Defense Fund 2021 for the new project:

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EDF-EPW will start the development of a secure waveform standard for future-proof satellite communications. The project will study and design a multi-layered security and resiliency solution built around the cornerstones of efficient, secure, affordable, and interoperable satellites, to embrace existing and future challenges related to increased throughput demand over satellites caused by dispersed operations, mobility, and new security threats.

Amphinicy d.o.o. (Amphinicy Zagreb Office) is participating as a partner in the consortium led by ST Engineering iDirect Europe.
For more information, please visit this information site.

2. Platform to Platform Free Space Optical link (P2P-FSO)


P2P-FSO aims at the development of a free space optical point-to-point communication system between military platforms, overcoming challenges regarding high data rate transfer and communication range, depending on terrain and weather conditions. The light source will be a high-power short-wave infrared laser (SWIR).

Amphinicy Luxembourg S.à.r.l (Amphinicy Luxembourg Office) is participating as a partner in the consortium that is led by NEXVISION SAS from France. The project will last for 45 months. The total funding is estimated to be roughly 3.5 mEUR.

More information about the project can be found on the dedicated website.


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