"Logging Standards" - a lightning talk by Ivana and Zvonimir

Tuesday, Oct 25, 2022 - Posted by Mirta Medanic Kauric
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A lightning talk is a brief informal gathering where colleagues exchange ideas, hacks, and best practices. At Amphinicy, we have introduced this type of meeting to ignite the conversation between teams and to help each other in our everyday tasks. 

We continue the series with logging, another important element of every software development process. The lightning talk was delivered by Ivana Barić Ćurko and Zvonimir Bošnjak. Ivana and Zvonimir are working on custom projects for clients. You had an opportunity to meet them in previous lightning talks about documentation in software projects and distributed monolith problem. This time they briefly covered logging standards and best practices used in software projects at Amphinicy.

In computing, logging is a technique of recording information about events that occur during software runs. It is used by software developers and system administrators to follow application running stages and to localize and fix issues, if any. Some of the events that are recorded are incidents, errors, service requests, authorization and authentication process, system events, important data changes and connectivity. 

After more than 20 years of software development, Amphinicy engineers have defined and implemented a specific logging standard that works for us. Among other things, the standard includes both a shared logging library, and a VM and Docker configuration for consistency and efficiency. The most frequent logging levels are fatal, error, warning, info and trace. Each log entry contains information about when, where, who and what happened during the program execution.

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