Industry Expert Gave 2-Days Education on Satellite Industry Trends

Monday, Oct 06, 2014
Mr Virgil lecture

As Amphinicy always tends to provide its employees up to date with the trends, this month we have decided to invite Mr. Virgil Labrador have 2-day education related to satellite domain. First day education was focused on technological concepts and innovation, while second day education was focused on emerging markets and trends.

Mr. Virgil Labrador is the Editor-in-Chief of Los Angeles, California-based Satellite Markets and Research company, which edits a satellite industry-themed web portal, monthly Satellite Executive Briefing magazine and occasional industry reports called MarketBriefs. Virgil is one of the few trade journalists who has a proven track record working in the commercial satellite industry. He worked as a senior executive for a teleport in Singapore, Asia Broadcast Center, then-owned by the US broadcasting company CBS. He has co-authored two books on the history of satellite communication and satellite technology. He also writes a monthly column on the satellite industry for Asia Pacific Broadcasting. His articles have appeared in numerous publications, including the Encyclopaedia Britannica. He holds a Master's degree in Communications Management from the University of Southern California (USC).

Mr. Virgil Labrador and our engineers
Mr. Virgil Labrador and our engineers

Mr. Labrador held a 2-day course on "Satellite Communication concepts and industry overview" program. First day was reserved for educating our engineers about satellite technologies in general. An introduction to satellite technology and satellite related concepts was presented. Discussion put focus on subjects like communication process, the electromagnetic spectrum, orbital locations, satellite frequency bands and satellite network architecture. Mr. Labrador covered the brief history of satellite communications and how the satellite industry became what it is today. After the brief history overview, the topic moved to key satellite segments (ground systems, space systems, equipment manufacturers and service providers) and relationships and dependencies between them. At the end of the first day overview of ongoing technical evolution in satellite segments was given in a very comprehensive way.

Second part of the education concentrated on business aspects of the satellite industry. To stay on the world's top as software provider for satellite industry our engineers are always looking for new business opportunities. To be able to recognize and react to potential opportunities,  Mr. Labrador and our engineers discussed emerging market trends in the satellite industry (e.g. High Throughput Satellites), developments in the key vertical markets (broadband, broadcasting, oil and gas, government), new multimedia content distribution environment and the future of satellite industry.

Engineers concentrating on the presentation