Vilim Hlusicka joins Amphinicy Zagreb as Junior QA Specialist

Monday, Jun 12, 2023
Vilem Hlusicka

We welcome Vilim, who recently joined our Zagreb office as a Junior QA Specialist.

Vilim had originally started with database-related issues after completing his degree. When he moved to QA tasks with his last employer and noticed that automated testing was really his cup of tea, he decided to walk this line and continue being a solid tester. According to him, doing automated tests in a space-related environment sounds like fun, and actually is fun. Well, there we go!

Apart from working with his head in a software team, he loves music and actually plays some instruments, grows chili plants in his backyard and is an avid photographer - he will spend entire summer nights in the great outdoors, doing astrophotography (nobody claimed this was easy, right?)

How good it is that we found you, Vilim - reach out to space and we'll be there with you!