Zagreb, stay strong!

Tuesday, Mar 24, 2020
Zagreb, stay strong
Izvor fotografije/Photo source: Total Croatia News

On early Sunday morning, a magnitude 5.5 earthquake woke up the citizens of our beloved city Zagreb, amid the coronavirus lockdown, causing significant damage to the buildings, homes, hospitals and churches. The homes of hundreds of people in the city centre and the area of epicentre are severely damaged and are not safe to return. We keep experiencing aftershocks that could further damage those buildings. Thanks to coronavirus lockdown the streets were empty, which surely saved a lot of lives.

Despite the current situation all our employees are safe and continue working from home. All projects and business processes are carried out according to plan while making sure to resolve any challenges that we come across as a result of the unexpected circumstances.

Cold weather is hopefully going to keep people in social isolation at home to reduce the spread of virus. Together with responsible behaviour, we help minimize the negative effects of the current epidemic and contribute to the early normalization of business and working conditions.

We regularly follow the instructions of all relevant institutions regarding COVID-19 to ensure that our business is running without disturbance as much as possible.

We could not be more thankful to all those brave ones who are helping to keep Zagreb safe.

Stay strong, stay safe!

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