Fleet Telemetry Monitoring
A system for monitoring and storing satellite telemetry with basic signal analysis. Perfect for operators in Network Operation Center.

The main functionality of this software is to gather telemetry from a whole satellite fleet, display it in an operator-friendly manner, and store it in a database so it can be viewed and analyzed by operators at a later time.

Of course, those are only the main functions of the solution. It can also be used for analyzing the telemetry signals by displaying trends of current and historical telemetry values, finding gaps in the signals, or just comparing values at different points in time. It can also set nominal values for each satellite (or even separate tubes on a satellite) so the operators can see deviations in the telemetry values more easily.

This software is built very robustly, as it is designed to run 24/7 with operators using it for trending, or just in the background to store telemetry for later analysis.