Cross-Polarization Management System for Sat3Play®

Management System for Sat3Play

Cross polarization interference is a serious problem for VSAT service providers using two-way satellite communication technologies. Sat3Play®, a leading broadband IP over satellite technology, is no exception.

Cross Polarization happens when users poorly line-up their satellite receivers' LNB angle, making them hazardous to satellite bandwidth. It's these users that are precisely identified by this system.

The system is armed with fully redundant RF measurement instruments, which it uses to maximise efficiency. This allows for measuring users' Cross polarization interference at an extreme rate. Measurements can be scheduled individually or by policies.

The whole system can be controlled by its SOAP interface or its flashy FLEX GUI, both of which are fully secured via user accounts. The system is very robust, alerting users about all kinds of events, alarms and trends.