Geolocation Services

A robust, powerful and scalable geolocation service provides the basis for location-based personalized product recommendations or real-time air or maritime tracking.

We have added two types of graphical front-end to our service. Using just a web browser, the first represents geospatial information on 2D projected maps. The second is a 3D desktop application based on NASA's highly versatile World Wind virtual globe API. This allows the viewing of geospatial information from any angle and any scale, an inestimable tool for understanding the true spatial meaning of your data! Both graphical interfaces are capable of using publicly available or privately hosted maps and are capable of representing any kind of tracked objects and their paths over time. 

We have used our service for location-based advertisement: as an advertiser, increase ads revenues and capitalise on impulse buying by targeting a consumer based on his interests and products near him!